Dr.Soil's feeding supplement for your favorite plants!

The Dr.Soil formula for the Drop-by-Drop Elixir acts on the entire plant structure, having a boosting effect on the revitalization and regeneration of the plant. The concentration of the product stimulates the growth and development of new leaves, new buds and favors multiplication. Dr.Soil formula for the Elixir is a feeding supplement for potted house plants that is administered directly into the plant substrate, having action for up to 15 days! The dose of “Elixir” selected by Dr. Soil will revitalize the plant and encourage the development of new buds and flowers that will stay in bloom for a longer period of time. As an effect on the leaves, they will acquire a more vivid color, giving the whole plant an invigorated appearance! Each dose is released gradually, making accessible to plants, in a balanced way, a sufficient intake of nutrients to feed the plant for up to 15 days. Regular use strengthens the plant’s defense against the stress of life indoors. At the level of the roots, they will be more hydrated and will be prone to a better capture of water from watering, mixed with the intake of nutrients from Elixir.

Dr.Soil's Sortiments include:

How to use:

Water the plant before adding the Elixir in the potted substrate. Remove the cap of the vial and insert the dripper into the substrate, slightly obliquely, to ensure gradual dripping. Due to the different density of substrate mixtures, the drip rate may vary. On average, the dose is being released gradually for up to 15 days, but it can happen that the vial empties faster, due to independent factors such as temperature fluctuations, watering frequency, the need for hydration of the plant, etc. Constant use is recommended, as needed. There is no overdose. The microelements in the composition do not locally affect the roots or the microcapillaries. Simultaneous use with a concentrated fertilizer is not recommended.

Recommendations: Keep out of reach of children.

Plastic packaging can be recycled.