Long Lasting Therapy for Plants and the Garden

Give your orchids long lasting therapy

We know how important is for you that your darling Orchids receive every bit of care they can get. Bet you don’t know that our major is in Orchids and developing growing media for epiphytic orchids. The Dr.Soil team analysed hundreds of type of organic matter in order to get the best formulas for your dearest plants to develop in a healthy way, regardless of your location in the world.

Dr.Soil provides Innovative Treatments in Plant Care

Our main target is to make plant care accesible, understandable and as chemical-free as possible. We use up to 100% natural ingredients, contributing actively to downscale the industrial waste quantity by producing the right amount for smart usage. Since the first release on the market, Dr.Soil is growing communities with customers that choose a chemical-free development for their plants and actively reduce the environmental hazard.

Premium mediteranean Pine Bark for long lasting care of the garden

We studied corefully all the mediteranean pine bark properties and understood how well it goes in the garden if you use it for weed control, decorative flower beds or simply for shock absorbtion in the children playground. The particles we selected for Dr.Soil Premium Dekorative Pine Bark come from Galicia, Spain from Pinus Pinaster, a wonderful meditanean varity with a natural red color, great smell, and esquisite phtsical characteristic

Plant Care starts from inside

Inside each pot there are billions and billions of microorganisms that coexist and co-work, creating for the plant the perfect growing medium to develop and multiply. This microorganisms colonies need to be sustained with great sourcing in order to fight eventual exterior factors such as temperature, different humidity levels or light, or even diseases. One of our statements is regarding the ingredients that compose the growing medium – keeping the list short, but best quality.

A drop a day keeps the diseases away

In some Eastern European countries, they say that ”repetition is the mother of learning”. On this principle, Dr.Soil released some formulas packed in Elixir vials, that once introduced in the soil, will ”drop” nutrients into the growing medium on a schedule, letting the root microcapilarities to absorb each nutrient made available. How easy is it for the plant parent to have acces to a measured 15 days formula, ready to (re-)use, that keeps the plant fed and protected against diseases?

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