Natural Treatments for your indoor plants

The adequate nourishment and the good protection against the diseases common to the vegetal reign, represent the basic elements for the plants survival. These are ensured by the humus, a complex mixture formed of organic substances in a natural decomposing process, which ensure the nutrients and the minerals necessary to the natural development of the plant, as well as the protection against the diseases through the phyto-alexines, the direct correspondent of the anti-bodies in the human organism.

The indoor plants necessitate a higher attention, as the soil from the pots cannot regenerate the nutrient sand the necessary minerals development of the plants as the earth found in nature. The Dr.Soil’s Treatment for Indoor Plants’ comes to help, ensuring the necessary of the nutritive and regenerative elements for the freshly planted plants as well as for the adult ones. With a content of over 53% Humus, the Dr.Soil’s Treatment for Indoor Plants’ ensures a harmonious development of the leaves, flowers and roots for a long period of time, augmenting their resistance to unfavorable meteorological conditions, bacterial pathologies, molds and stressful situations. Dr.Soil’s Treatment for Indoor Plants’ is a 100% natural fertilizing treatment, organic-mineral concentrated, easy to use, which is sold in a granulated form, dosed in the most common pot volumes: 2L, 5L and 10L.

Packaging available:

Using this treatment contributes to:


the regeneration of the indoor plants pots’ soils depleted of the nutritive substances, reestablishing the natural fertility of the soil in a relatively short time. The plants react immediately to the treatment, an improvement of their health and structure being easily observed


the acceleration of the blooming process, taking to an intense and of a long term blooming period, offering all the conditions for an active development of the buds and stimulating the plants to blossom. In the case of the fruit making indoor plants, as the lemon or o trees, the treatment reduces the term for the ripe of the fruits till up to 3 weeks


the immunization in a natural way of the developing plants, suppressing the pathogenic micro - flora and ameliorating the soil’s quality, protecting the plant from the wide spread diseases.