Natural Substrates for you plants

Soil is one of nature’s most complex ecosystems: it contains a multitude of different organisms that interact and contribute to the global cycles that make life possible. A rich, living soil is vital for life. Healthy soils leads to a healthy plants, healthy crops and healthy human behaviours that can contribute to the way our future generations will see Nature and plant care.

Good soil management is a continual process, but once you attend to the basics, your soil will do most of the work itself. When we talk about small gardening, inside each pot there are billions of microorganisms that coexist and co-work, creating for the plant the perfect growing medium to develop and multiply. After years of trials, we managed to formulate substrate recipes that provide great ventilation of the roots and great gases exchange with the atmosphere, delaying the decomposition process. Each substrate recipe contains a good amount of biohumus, full of microorganisms that naturally fertilises and nourish the entire plant structure, from the root microcapillaries till the tip of the smallest leaf. Once the plant is potted in a Dr. Soil’s Substrate, the entire green structure gets natural immunity and better strength when dwelling with diseases or parasites, keeping the plant revitalized, glowing and good looking.