10 ml monodoses

Dr.Soil Biostimulators are environmentally friendly, free of artificial compounds and based on the expertise of over 23 years of testing to restore the metabolic balance of plants with the help of microorganisms specific to the plant world. Dr.Soil Biostimulators are concentrated formulas based on micro-organisms, bacteria, plant & mineral oils and plant amino acids which, when mixed together, create solutions that are diluted in water, and administered foliar by spraying. Biostimulants are recommended for use year-round on both leaves and stem for visible results.

Dr.Soil specialists have developed organic recipes for biostimulators that stimulate flowering (FLOWER BOOSTER), some that regenerate leaves (LEAF BOOSTER) or whom restore immunity (PLANT BOOSTER). In addition, we have created organic biostimulators with fungicidal (FUNGI BUSTER) and insecticidal (BUG BUSTER) roles in the treatment scheme of the most common plant pest attacks.

Dr.Soil's Recipe


Organic Ingredients: beneficial bacterias, fulvic, humic & aminoacids, mineral oils, neem oil and glycerine

Storage conditions:

Keep away from feed or food.

Storage temperature: 5-20 °C

In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.

Keep out of reach of children.

Terms of validity:

Unlimited when stored in the original packaging

How to use:

Take the Dr.Soil monodose and bend it with the pre-stamped slit over the sprayer's neck and apply pressure to break it - the nutritive solution will then pour through the slit into the sprayer, activating the good bacterias and the microorganisms in the composition. Put the sprayer cap on and shake well the sprayer. You can now spray the solution over the entire plant, except the flowers and the buds. Do not let the volume of the sprayer that you have around constrain you - there is no overdose. The product can be used in any house sprayers with volumes from 0,75 to 1,5 litre.

During Spring and Autumn, the treatments is recommended for up to 2 times a week. The treatment can be used also during Summer and Winter, but instead of spraying it only on the plant, you can also use it on the soil around the plant, keeping away all the problems that can appear from an untended soil. The Dr.Soil Biostimulators treatment can also be used as a precautionary measure, following the characteristics of the plant's growing environment.

Keep in mind, a smaller packaging - a more conscious approach on waste and consumption!

Dr.Soil Biostimulators Collection includes: