Substrate for Cymbidium and Pseudobulbous Orchids 1L

Substrate for

Cymbidium and Pseudobulbous Orchids

In 1L Bag

Dr.Soil’s recipe for Cymbidium & Pseudobulbous Orchids Substrate was especially created to provide 3 of the most essential conditions for the development of your Cymbidium or Pseudobulbous orchid:


  • the airy structure of the substrate provided by the very good quality mediteranean pine bark, prevents the damaging of the roots and boosts the evaporation of excessive moisture and ensures no mold growth conditions and bactericidal pathologies. The composition was completed with a very good quality Chilean Sphagnum moss.
  • this mixture contains a very high level of humic substances added by the large amount of carrefully selected biohumus. This provides the necessary vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and minerals for a sustainable growth and a long-term flowering, in a natural fertilization process;
  • the formula for Cymbidium & Pseudobulbous Orchids Substrate contains a whole community of microorganisms useful for plants, that secrete plant hormones, antibiotics, fungicidal and bactericidal compounds, which causes suppression of pathogenic microflora, strenghtening the immunity of the plant and increasing their resistance to stressful situations, mold and bacterial pathologies and diseases.

Dr.Soil’s Recipe


  • Composition:
    Premium pine bark in a proper granulation
    Powdered dry biohumus
    Dehydrated Chillean
    Sphagnum Organic matter

  • Better used for: Cymbidium and pseudobulbous
    orchids (Bulbophyllum, Oncidium, Catasetum,
    Dendrobium, Lycaste, etc.)

  • Storage Conditions: Keep in dry and ventilated areas.
    Keep out of reach of children.

  • Terms of validity: Unlimited


How to use:


  1. Choose a special pot for orchids, taking into account the size of the plant to be transplanted.
  2. Clean the orchid of all dead elements (leaves, roots). The plant’s roots will be washed out of the old substrate with lukewarm water.
  3. A layer of the product will be placed in the new pot to maintain the previous planting height.
  4. Place the plant and cover it with substrate, pressing lightly and evenly around it.

During the first 7 days, the plant will not get wet, allowing the substrate to settle naturally in the pots and the roots to adapt to the new environment. After 7 days, watering resumes normally. No fertilisation is required for a period of 6 months.


Using this treatment contributes to:


  1. Better growth of the entire plant structure
  2. Great Revitalised Leaves and spikes
  3. Boosted Flowering and Buds
  4. Moisture control
  5. Resistance to stress or disease