Substrate for Cacti & Succulents

Substrate for

Cacti & Succulents

In 1L Bag

Dr.Soil’s recipe for Cactus & Succulents Substrate is designed to provide all the elements necessary for the harmonious development of the plant, as close to its natural environment as possible, ensuring the three essential elements of their development:


  • the fine granulation of the mixture provides maximum ventilation of the roots, being at the same time a very good drainage growing media. The high content of premium pine bark prevents the damaging and molding of the roots, helps the evaporation of excess water
  • natural fertilization & immunity: the new Dr.Soil’s formula for Cacti & Succulents ensures good immunity for the plants, increasing their resistance to stressful situations, mold and bacterial pathologies.
  • stimulation of healthy growth of roots: the mixture of concentrated biohumus and organic matter guarantees the healthy growth of plants. The biohumus dose stimulates the regeneration and flowering of the plant, providing the required amount of nutrients for up to 6 months.

Dr.Soil’s Recipe


  • Composition:
    Premium pine bark in a proper granulation
    Powdered dry biohumus
    Fine Horticultural Perlite
    Finely grated white peat
    Organic matter

  • Better used for: Cactus (Mammilaria, Cereus,
    Gymnocalycium Echinopsus etc.) and Succulents
    (Aloe, Crassula, Kalanchoe, Sedum, Echeveria etc.)

  • Storage Conditions: Keep in dry and ventilated areas.
    Keep out of reach of children.

  • Terms of validity: Unlimited


How to use:


  1. Choose a suitable pot and place a few pebbles at the base to ensure proper drainage of the water
  2. Then pour a layer of substrate and prepare a hole to place the new plant
  3. Carefully remove the cactus or succulent plant from the old pot and gently clean the old substrate from the roots.
  4. Place the plant in the new pot, cover the roots with the substrate and press lightly and evenly around the plant. Then water the plant slowly and moderately.

Repeat watering in 7 days. If necessary, add another layer of substrate. Allow the substrate to settle naturally in the pots and the roots to adapt to the new environment. After 7 days, watering resumes normally. No fertilisation is required for a period of 6 months.


Using this treatment contributes to:


  1. Better water and nutrients storage
  2. Great Revitalised Leaves and spikes
  3. Boosted Flowering and Buds
  4. Resistance to stress or disease
  5. Better gases transfer