In 1L Bag

Bio-char or activated charcoal is a soil amendment used in agriculture for the improvement of the soil physical properties, such as water and nutrient retention. The material has high adsorption capability, being a good purificator and filtrator. It increases productivity and prevents foliar and soil-borne diseases.

Dr.Soil’s Recipe


  • Composition:
    Medium particle bio-char

  • Better used for: containered plants with depleted soils

  • Storage Conditions: Keep away from fire. Keep in dry
    and ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children.
    Don’t keep in direct sunlight.

  • Terms of validity: Unlimited


How to use:


  1. Add activated charcoal chips to the potting composition in order to get to the right density for the plant you want to transplant and mix well.
  2. Use the mixture to transplant mature plants with an increased nutritive need or plants that come from a stressfull environment (low light, low humidity, independent factors etc.).
  3. Water well. Repeat in the next days, following the plant characteristics.


Using this treatment contributes to:


  1. Great filtration of the depleted soils
  2. High adsorbtion capability
  3. Resistance to stress or disease
  4. Increased productivity