Dr. Soil Beddings


The premium Dr.Soil’s Dekorative Pine Bark decorates, protects and feeds your plants in a natural and ecological way. This particular product is the selected decorative bark of best quality and acceptance. It’s extracted exclusively from maritime pine located in the mountains of Galicia (North – west of Spain). Maritime pine provides to this product unique features as color, freshness, composition, durability, texture, structure, sizes and flavor.

Dr.Soil’s Sortiments include


100% ecologically safe, 100% organic. No additives, 100% natural.


Forest smell and decorative effect due to its warm and reddish color, size homogeneity and quality gives a perfect adaptation to any environment.


Prevents most weed growth or in worst cases, reduce the up to 90%. Boosts plant growth due to the weed elimination.


It regulates the temperature and humidity of the soil, protecting your plants against frosts, droughts or severe sudden changes in weather conditions.


Reduces water loss due to evaporation and improves drainage. Protects soil against erosion, resists to the wind and rain, reduces soil compaction, prevents splashing as well mud build up.


Dampening effect of falls in children’s play areas, reducing the risk of injury.

Physical and chemical features:

  • Humidity 60 – 65%

  • pH (H2O) 4.5 – 5.5 %

  • Humidity 60 – 65%

  • pH (H2O) 4.5 – 5.5 %

Packaging available

Dekorative Pine Bark 5L – (recyclable plastic bag, any particle needed)


Dekorative Pine Bark 60L/70L – (recyclable plastic bag, any particle needed)


Premium Pine Bark Mulch 60L/70L – (recyclable plastic bag, any particle needed)



8-16 mm
premium mulch


20-60 mm
premium mulch


8-15 mm
premium bark


25-40 mm
premium bark


40-60 mm
premium bark


60-100 mm
premium bark

Insert the surface you need to cover (in m2):

Inner Surface Granulation Bags of 70 litres


Most common purposes:

  • Soft surface in playgrounds or esplanades. It absorbs impacts.
  • Decoration, bordering or covering of selected areas in gardens, paths, internal patios, window boxes or plant pots.
  • Flower Beds of delimitated areas for ornamental plants, courtyards and backyards. • Indoor and outdoor planters and pots.
  • For any place where you don’t want to do continuous maintenance of the garden and also wants to avoid abandoned appearance.

Application guidance:

Gardens. Once the terrain is clear, extend a layer of 6 to 12 cm, according to the product. The coarser of the pine bark is, the thicker of the layer must be. Kid playgrounds. To assure a good impact protection is recommended a 25 – 30 cm layer and no lower of 10 cm of 25 – 40 mm or 40 -60 mm size. For pots. Extend a layer of 2.3cm on the surface of the soil and water well. It is recommeded to be used in well ventilated areas.