Dr.Soil exists within us, people. It has it’s origin in the heart of Nature, deep in the fertile womb of the Mother Earth. The Dr. Soil Team has understood the need of being as close to Nature as possible and made a collective vow: to significantly contribute to the entire plant care process in order to sustain a natural way of caring and educating the entire plant lovers community to use chemical-free products.

We created the Dr. Soil natural recipes holder page-by-page and found the some of the best long-lasting therapies for both indoor and outdoor plants, putting together 100% natural ingredients that come as a solution to the most common garden problems. We did it for each one of us, reaching to inspire plant lovers everywhere to choose the natural way of gardening and to contribute significantly to a sustainable environment.

The Dr. Soil Team isn’t the most homogeneous team and definitely isn’t conventional but think of us as the most creative gardeners without a garden that could ever exist.


Dr. Soil is an innovative brand, the holder of many recipes of a of innovative products, especially created for plants lovers, for making their work easier and ensuring a harmonious long-term development for the plants. In the Dr. Soil Range there were conceived, out of ingredients as close to nature as possible, compounds that significantly contribute to a strong immunity system development on the vegetal structure level, to the revival and regeneration of the plants, also to their fertilization and blooming stimulation.

Dr. Soil offers the best long-lasting therapy for all your indoor potted-plants. Dr. Soil’s recipes are based on highly concentrated humic substances, obtained by a long natural process. The biological nourishing components are hydro-soluble and in a balanced compound, being easily assimilated by the plant.

The Dr. Soil includes:

  • The Dr. Soil Treatment for Home Alone Plants,
  • The Dr. Soil Treatment for Indoor Plants,
  • The Substrate for Orchids – The Dr. Soil’s Recipe;

The Dr. Soil rapidly expands itself in order to answer the requirements of the customers from Romania and abroad, putting the highlight on quality and innovation. Early in 2017 we developed The Gardener’s Quackeries by Dr. Soil, an entire range created also with 100% natural ingredients that come as a solution to the most common problems encountered in both the indoor and outdoor garden.

The Gardener’s Quackeries for Orchards and Nurseries

The Gardener’s Quackeries for Outdoor Garden

The Gardener’s Quackeries for Indoor Garden

Each product has been created after traditional recipes without any additions, giving each one of it specific properties that contributes in a natural way to solve natural problems – main property that was included also in the name, because of the authenticity and origin of the recipes, their application and their usage.

Dr. Soil is the owner of the recipes for ‘natural care’, inspiring plant lovers everywhere to choose the natural way of gardening and contribute significantly to a sustainable environment. The unique products may be provided, upon our customer’s request, under private label and in custom-sized quantitative doses. For more informations, please write us at

Dr. Soil products have already traveled the world and made plants happy in countries such as Romania, Rep. of Moldova, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and United Kingdom.

For business inquiries & proposals, Dr.Soil can reach you all around the Globe.

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